Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A letter to my skin.

Dear Skin, 
Another pimple? Come on! It's not even that time of the month! I only just got over the last one you handed me. Remember? That monstrosity of a chin Mount Everest that arrived just before a conference full of important people? Now it seems you have blessed me with some kind of horn, smack bang between my eyes. While unicorns are pretty, It's not my preferred look!  
I mean, I know you were relatively kind to me in my younger years but why spit the dummy now? I thought pimples were supposed to be teenage thing, not a late 20's thing! 
I don't know what you're so pissed off about but I hear you, loud and clear! As can everyone within a 3 metre radius. 
Anyway...please... can we be friends again? Let's talk.


  1. I think your letter is quite comical. Truth be told: My dermatologist says that adult acne (pimple issues) is common. Hope all heals soon.

  2. UGH acne is such a bummer, and pimples always know when to appear and annoy us. Great slice!

  3. I am laughing. Although I know it's frustrating. My daughter name one Fred. Hope it goes away soon.

  4. I'm laughing but with you! I've had adult acne that pops up (pun intended) at all the wrong times! I can be clear...and then a stressful or important event will come on the calendar...and POP comes a zit to add to my stress.

  5. Humorous. This is the only way to "survive" the situation.

  6. I've been feeling this way lately, too! Loved your letter. :)