Thursday, March 23, 2017


I came back from a recent conference excited and inspired. I have already tried some new ideas with my Grade 3 students and am feeling fresh with enthusiasm.  I also attended a post conference workshop my director was running titled 'Women in leadership'. This was both an amazing and terrifying experience. At the end of the 1.5 days, I was required to present a speech to a room full of 15 powerful women, who are all in leadership roles, about my 'Vision for education'. I was the youngest and least experienced of the group but found the workshop incredibly insightful thought provoking. It was great to get to know the women as they shared their visions and hopes for the future of education. It also prompted me to reflect on the direction of both my personal and professional life. This lead me to come up with 3 major goals I want to work towards in the near future: 

1. Develop my public speaking skills by seeking opportunities to practise, rather than avoiding them!
2.  Be more committed to regular exercise. Make the effort to get up early 2 mornings a week to workout before school. 
3. Continue to work towards B2 level Estonian. Make time every day to study and practise. 


  1. Go girl! You can do all three.

  2. This sounds like an amazing experience!
    What organization was the conference through?

    1. Hi, It was a CEESA event for Eastern European international schools. This was my first ever conference so it was all very new and exciting for me

  3. It's good to be pushed out of our comfort zones glad you have goals. They seem attainable. Good luck!

  4. What an amazing experience! Did Terje join you? She shared about a conference recently too that I wanted to learn more about ... I don't think I push myself enough to think about my future, education, and leadership. I love that you had this opportunity (at such a young age) to ponder such questions. I think it is food for your soul.

  5. Terje didn't come unfortunately, she would have been great!