Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Diary of my hair

A diary of my thoughts about my hair over a typical week. If you don't know what dry shampoo is, google it. It will change your life!

Day 1: Damn my hair looks good! Give me strategically placed fan and I could be in one of those shampoo commercials!  No, I didn't get a haircut, I just washed it, but thanks! 

Day 2: Looking a little limp due to yesterday's excessive hair flicking... hang on.. it's still good... No compliments.

Day 3: Used dry shampoo to revive it a little. Not revived enough. Ponytail. That's better. 

Day 4: More dry shampoo. Looking a bit crusty now. Another ponytail. Should wash it tonight after training...

Day 5: Didn't wash it, too lazy. Grease and sweat starting to soak through copious layers of dry shampoo. Add another spray anyway. Sad looking bun today. Scalp getting a little itchy. Will wash tonight...

Day 6: Was lazy again. Look like a hideous sea witch. Slight build up of dough like substance on scalp. Can I actually go to school looking like this? Do I have time to have a shower before school? No, already running late. Can I wear a beanie indoors? No. Oil slick bun it is. Spend entire day attempting to avoid always- impeccably-dressed boss.

Day 7: I can't go on like this... Wash. 


  1. hahaha...this post is hilarious!! :)

  2. "Look like a hideous sea witch" - I laughed out loud. Your writing is humorous.

  3. I need to look into dry shampoo. Admittedly I wash twice a week as my hair is thick and I can get away with it. This was really fun to read.