Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Small gestures

While out with an old friend T on Saturday night, We saw a mutual acquaintance . Someone mentioned it was her birthday. Without hesitation, T went to the bar, asked if they had any candles and insisted we go to sing her happy birthday. In the moment, I admittedly felt a bit awkward because I haven't really talked to this acquaintance before. 

Yesterday, T  forwards me a message from the birthday girl. She explained that our birthday song was the only one she had received this year, since this was the first one she was living away from family. 

T reminded me that a small gesture can really make someone's day. 
She's a good person. I want to become more thoughtful, like her. 


  1. Such a sweet gesture! Glad you guys could make her day!!

  2. We never really do know everyone's whole story. So happy to hear that you made her day. And, yes, we should be more vigilant in thinking of others because those little gestures are little FREE gifts!

  3. Wow. What a cool way to make someone's day. You just never know what a small gesture will do for someone.

  4. Small things can make a big difference.