Friday, March 31, 2017

Successes in the classroom

I started the week tired and sick but what an amazing week it has been in the grade 3 classroom. When you see the kids every day, it is often hard to notice the 'slow and steady' progress. But once in a while you have a 'wow' moment that makes you so proud of these little humans. Here are the stories just two successful students, to end this month long challenge on a high note. 

R is finally learning how to control his emotions and making noticeable progress, no actually, more like leaps! He joined our school this year with very limited English and some pretty serious behavioural/emotional problems. It has been an uphill battle with many bumps along the way as we try to keep his moods levelled so he can successfully integrate into our school. When I recently overheard him having an in-depth conversation with our IT teacher suggesting new projects for the robotics club, I found my self thinking...  When did this happen? Where did he learn this vocabulary? When did he become this competent at expressing his ideas in English? It was incredible. 
Twice this week, there have been incidents which would have previously ended in a messy tantrum. However, on both occasions, R came to me, calmly verbalised what was bothering him and calmed down to continue with his day. 

Another success story is G. She is a feisty, dramatic girl who exclaimed to me at the start of the year that while she loves listening to people read, she simple 'hates' to read herself. Little by little, with some extra reading homework and support along the way, she started to read independently and her attitude began to change. Again, I can't pinpoint exactly when 'it' happened but now she is reading simple novels, has moved up 2 reading levels and is enthusiastic about reading! She beams with pride every time I remind her how much progress she has made. 

Thank you everyone for your support this month, my first time doing the SOLC. I found it incredibly difficult to keep on top of the writing and commenting, I even went MIA for a bit.  However, I found this experience very worthwhile and would like to try doing it again (with my students too!) next year.


  1. I love hearing about student success stories!! It is difficult to notice when you're in the thick of it, but I'm glad you were able to notice their improvements. It's definitely a testament to who you are as a teacher. I'm glad you joined the SOLSC this year, and I hope you will continue slicing on Tuesdays and come back next year!

  2. Glad you were here. I enjoyed reading your posts. Come back on Tuesday. Once a week is easier.