Monday, March 27, 2017

The sun is back

An old lady sitting opposite me on the bus closes her eyes and points her face towards the sunlight shining through the bus window. 
Basking like a lizard in the glorious light that we have been deprived of for several long months. 
On her face is a small smile. 
Winter is finally thawing she may be thinking. 
Perhaps all of us on this full bus are thinking the same. 
Things have started to come alive, an awakening from the cold, dark winter. 


  1. I can just imagine this scene. Thanks also for your post about playing games, yesterday. You spurred me to change today's post to one about my brother. I've never written about him before.

  2. Your words paint such a vivid picture of what many of us desire, the hope of spring!

  3. I love when the sun stays out makes us appreciate it all that much more!

  4. I can just see this scene. Beautifull stated.

  5. The contrasts help us feel or imagine the change in weather.

  6. The sunlight and warmth of spring is such a needed wake-up from the dark, cold winter.