Thursday, March 9, 2017

The travel itch

I have the travel itch again. 
Niggling like a scratchy tag on a new piece of clothing. 
A need to explore unknown territory, burrowing it's way deep inside my soul. 
I wet it's appetite with a recent, fleeting weekend trip to Vilnius, now it is hungry for more. 
It eagerly awaits the long, extended summer vacation, when it will be truly set free. 


  1. Such word choice and beautiful language. I'm feeling that itch now too! Summer will be here soon ... start scratching with some planning!

  2. Does it matter where you go? Or do you have a bucket list of places?

  3. Now I want to run away to the coast.

  4. Dude...I feel ya! Where will you go??

    1. Rod trip in Fyord Norway is locked in already, Have also been thinking about Georgia and Latvia as well :)

  5. I can sympathize with your travel itch. haha This is why I have a blog about my case of wanderlust! Brazil at the end of the month and then Chile two weeks later. Backpacking through all of Central America during summer vacation!

    -Amanda at

  6. Those places are definitely on my list!