Monday, March 6, 2017

My Desk

This is my school desk... No, this isn't what it looks like half way through a busy day, this is how I leave it when I go home. During the day, it is even worse. No matter how hard I try, I just can't keep it tidy and neat. I envy other teacher's desks, with their spot for everything, colour-coded order. 

Since I just finished a poetry unit with my 3rd Graders, I decided to try out a haiku poem.

My desk
Piles of teacher life. 
Post-its of unfinished lists.
Waits till tomorrow. 

On reflection, now I know why my students enjoyed writing poetry with no rules. Conforming to rules is much harder! 


  1. At the end of the day of multiple preps, three students crying for reasons outside class, parent conferences coming, an awards banquet to prep for tomorrow, mine has:

    two pairs of reading glasses
    two mugs
    four pens
    a notebook with my slicing ideas for tomorrow
    a bottle of lotion
    two coasters
    two staplers
    a roll of tape
    a pad of post-its
    a pile of graphic organizers
    three post-it reminders
    a phone
    and three dry erase boards I use as hall passes

    I am about to go insane from feeling like I have walled myself in with all this mess! Time to straighten before company arrives for conferences!

  2. My desk is always messy, too! I think it's a sign of being a genius. ;)

  3. LOL! I have bad news for you. That's not messy! I wish mine was that neat. I just don't spend time there. I spend it with my students.

  4. Speaking as a true writer! And your poem is my life too! Except there are sticky notes on my computer, on the tables, in my notebook ... the never ending lists!

  5. Just like you mentioned how poetry with rules is hard, conforming your desk how it "should" look is hard too! I always have to stop and ask myself, "Can I find what I need?" As long as you can, I think you're doing great. It's crazy-making to always have stuff and piles, but it means you're busy being a great teacher!

  6. I have a messy desk. Loved the haiku. Who has time for neatness.

  7. Funny. True. Easy to relate to. How wonderful that your students writing poems inspired you to write one too.

  8. My desk always looks like yours too! I admire people with clean, orderly, organize desks (and houses and lives and children!) but mine never quite works out that way. And I love that you have folded it into a haiku.