Sunday, March 5, 2017

Tropical vibes

Last night I went to watch some live Estonian reggae with my husband and an old friend. 'Estonian' and 'reggae' are two words not frequently  associated with each other but these guys are really great!

There is something about reggae music that makes me happy. It transports me to a sunny tropical island, complete with the coconuts and palm trees. It puts me instantly into holiday, 'hakuna matata' mode. It makes me want to dance with my eyes closed like no one is watching.

Today, it's a crisp -3°C outside. I think I'll remain here in my warm little reggae bubble all day, thank you very much!


  1. A reggae bubble sounds wonderful! Many times I will turn on our 70's music digital radio and move to my "70's bubble". I think we all need a bubble now and then.

  2. Estonian reggae?? How interesting! I, too, get in an islandy sort of mood when I hear reggae music. :)

  3. Such joyous music. Thank you for sharing a clip of it. Stay warm and cozy.

  4. Oh, what fun! Fun music. I agree, stay in the reggae bubble and keep dancing!