Friday, March 10, 2017

Student-Led Conferences

Watching my Grade 3 interacting with their parents during the Student-Led Conferences today has been quite an eye opening experience!

Some of my most outgoing, brave students became quiet, shy little mice. Others are as comfortable and relaxed as can be. 
Some students become a completely different child with their parents. I find myself pondering the reasons as to why this could be. Do students feel uncomfortable mixing their school and home lives? Are the afraid they will not live up to their parents expectations? 

It puzzles me as they all have so much to be proud of. 


  1. I often wonder the same thing. For me, I thought it had to do with speaking in a second language in front of parents who probably have little opportunity of hearing them do so. Also, my students often bring their fathers do school for conferences and since males have so much power and respect in Venezuela they really want to impress them. So fascinating!

    - Amanda at

  2. I never thought it might be about their wish to keep school and life separate. I wonder what the parents feel and think to wish to put their kids on spot.

  3. Hooray for student led conferences. They always give such great unexpected information about students.

  4. I love SLCs!! You get to see how much your students have grown, and it brings a smile to my face! :)